Sometimes the best answer is a more interesting question.

Don't be silly, I just slept three days ago.

27 March 1981
Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
Sunnydale High School - Sunnydale CA
Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork England - Wiltshire UK
Launceston College - Launceston England - Cornwall UK (1992 - 1993)
Plymouth High School for Girls - Plymouth England - Devon UK (1993 - 1997)
Plymouth College of Further Education - Plymouth England - Devon UK (1999 - 2003)
Exeter College - Exeter England - Devon UK (2003 - 2004)
University of Exeter - Exeter England - Devon UK (2004 present)
Interests: (150)
academia, alexander the great, ancient history, andorians, androgyny, anthropology, aubrey and maturin, aziraphale, beauty in the unexpected, being in one's bunk, bitching, books, buffy the vampire slayer, classical history, commander shran, computers, costuming, count d, cross-dressing superheroes, crowley, cuddling for warmth, discworld, domestic piranhas, douglas adams, draco malfoy, dreads, due south, eddie izzard, elladan, elrohir, elrond/gil-galad, elves, embodiment, embracing the bad, erestor, eunuchs, eunuchs in antiquity, exeter, exploding binaries, exploration, fair trade, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, frivolity, gay quaker parrots, gender, gender neutral, genderqueer, giles, glorfindel, good omens, guybrush threepwood, haldir, handmade goods, harry dresden, henna, hephaistion, highlander, history, horses, hoyay, hugging trees, iliad, infatuation with fictional characters, insomnia-related elf experiences, jack/ianto, james marsters, johnny depp, joss whedon, juggling as a euphemism, language, lightning storms, literature, long hair, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lovely accents, lynn flewelling, margaret atwood, marlowe: gay atheist spy, master and commander, mediaeval baebes, meditation, men in eye makeup, men with long hair, methos, middle english, middle-earth, monty python, mythical creatures, nature, neutral pronouns, neutrois, new ideas, not sending you anthrax, notgettingtogovikingwhenyouwantto, numfar's dance of joy, october project, odyssey, open-mindedness, overanalysing everything, paganism, patrick o'brian, petshop of horrors, post-colonial elven lit, post-its, psychology, queering public health, quilting, ranting, reading, sacred cow tipping, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, science fiction, serenity, sg1, shakespeare, shipping everyone on atlantis, shiteful nonsense, sindarin, singular they, slash, snark with snarky sprinkles, squee induced mass hallucinations, starshine weyr, strange proxy wooings, tanya huff, tea, terry pratchett, the silmarillion, the west wing, thunderstorms, tolkien languages, torchwood, travel, unresolved sexual tension, ursula le guin, vampires, vegetarianism, weaponry, wigs, words, writing, , ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂
By god! if wommen hadde writen stories... they wolde han writen of men moore wickkednesse than al the mark of adam may redresse.

I live in Exeter, England. I'm an English Lit student on indefinite hiatus. On a related note, I have M.E. I enjoy random quotations, writing fiction and being entertained by subtext; also books on random interesting subjects, i.e., almost everything. Learning stuff cheers me up, archeology is fun and ancient history makes me happy. Vast quantities of things are interesting, even bouncy_penguin's Happy Funtime Maths Hour and computers. My eating habits make brave men weep. I get restless and like change. My music and literary tastes are fairly eclectic and I'm always open to recs. Space operas are a guilty indulgence. Animals are a necessity. I have three cats, too many fish (some gay, some just odd), a number of giant snails, a horse and it's only a matter of time (and flat-space) until I expand the menagerie further. I sign (BSL) or at least took classes in it. Pretty comes in many forms and the world always needs more of it.

Despite recent entries, I do sometimes do things other than bitch. For example, I write useful things on post-it notes. Frequently. And make tea, too. It's a rich life.

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